Cruise Travel Is Back!

Of course like all things, plenty of people were cruising way before the CDC lifted the COVID-19 risk warning. But of you rule followers and more careful people, now you have THE authority on Contagious Diseases telling you that they are not putting a warning on it. Does that mean you will not get COVID-19 on cruises? Of course not. There will always be a risk of getting COVID-19, Norovirus and other GI infections, a myriad of respiratory infections, etc. If you are unable to be vaccinated you always run the risk of getting influenza, varicella (good ole chickenpox), Covid and other diseases unvaccinated people may bring on board. To add sprinkles to the cake we can’t forget bacterial infections that are food-borne as sanitation measures may break down in the ship’s kitchen.

I’m not trying to be a Debbie Downer. MILLIONS of people cruise and not all of them get sick. At the most some will get a queasy stomach if they are not used to being on a boat. Like anyplace where you are around a lot of people if you take precautions and wash your hands A LOT, you could have the best vacation of your life without vomit and diarrhea. However, we should know by now that cruise ships can be breeding grounds for microorganisms who have a hey day spreading from one person to another because oceangoing vessels are populated by hundreds or thousands of people in confined spaces and living quarters. Not to mention the staff and crew are on the ships for months at a time and may not get the medical care they should have.

I personally have cruised only 3 times and I was never sick. I had a little sea sickness when we encountered a storm that our captain so deftly avoided as much as possible. I had sea bands with me and once I put those on, my nausea subsided. My youngest daughter had some GI trouble but she was a baby so we don’t know if it was the she was intolerant to milk or if she just had not developed well enough yet. I know she was miserable poor thing which of course meant I did not have as much fun but that’s what it’s like to cruise with a baby. I do not recommend it. =)

In fact, no one in any of my traveling party other than the baby was ever sick. Even after we got home none of us had picked up anything so I do think you can be safe but some of it might be luck. We did tend to choose smaller ships and shorter cruising times for sure. We also mostly ate in seated dining and not the free for all buffets so maybe we avoided some of the contamination?

I hope that cruise lines have learned a huge lesson and they will have dedicated staff that goes around and cleans all day. That would not be a fun job but it is absolutely necessary if they want to continue to prosper. So, now might be the safest time to cruise! I mean if you are vaccinated, the staff is being more cautious and less people are choosing to travel, I can’t imagine there would be a safer time.

Some of my favorite people in the world LOVE cruise travel and did it often until the COVID PANDEMIC. One of them still went on a Disney cruise not too long ago and was not effected other than having to quarantine forever once they got home. I personally am done with cruising. I did not hate it but I did not love it. I realized what I liked about it was the company I was keeping. I did love not having to decide where to eat or what to do. This made me come to the conclusion our next vacation needs to be an all inclusive resort. This way, I’m not stuck on a ship with a bunch of people but I can still be waited on at dinner and I don’t have to try to budget or figure out the cost of every meal. I am sure there are plenty of ways to get sick at resorts too. . .but at least I can distance from people more easily.

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