Why Is It Called A Bucket List?

We have some interesting idioms in the English language. I mean what other language uses “Kick The Bucket” for dying? It’s kind of dark as it evokes suicide by hanging. You’ve seen it in the not so funny cartoons where the guy stands on a bucket with a noose around his neck. Once he “kicks the bucket” he dies. You could go even farther back and look at the French word trebuchet or buque which means balance. They would balance pigs on a beam before the slaughter. Or, maybe it comes from the holy-water buckets the Catholics used. After someone died, they used it to sprinkle the water on the body and in many cultures water is brought in to wash/cleanse the dead body before a funeral/burial. Wherever it came from, in the 1800s it became slang for dying so it has stuck.


Bucket list is a newer term, I think. There was some movie that made the term really popular. Most people make a bucket list saying it is a to do list before they die and it is usually an upbeat kind of thing. It’s a way for people to make goals that they may otherwise not complete. I used to think it was stupid. Because when you are young you think a lot of shit is stupid. Then you get old and think. Hmmmm that’s not so stupid after all. LOL. So here I am looking at my 55th year of life and writing a bucket list.

Okay so I did start my bucket list when Daddy died but I wasn’t really serious about it. So that gave me an outline. But now, I’m trying to actually plan so I can get my experiences in. Right now it looks like this:

  • Publish a book – getting close to finishing that one.
  • Draw a manga
  • Write a song and have it recorded
  • Visit California – don’t care where just want to go
  • Meet my half brother – and wouldn’t you know it? He lives in California – that will be TWO checks in one. Woot.
  • Go to San Diego Zoo
  • Learn to moon walk
  • Learn to throw pottery
  • Learn how to hem pants
  • Learn how to play the ukelele
  • Parachute
  • Be in the Saturday Night Live audience
  • Have my own business that brings in a real income – being creative would be a plus
  • Visit South Korea and visit “home” – that should happen April 2023
  • Take a sleeping car train ride in the US
  • Buy or rent an RV and visit national parks in the US
  • Go to Canada and eat poutine
  • Go to New York City and visit the Statue of Liberty
  • Go to Japan and visit Totoro land and Hello Kitty land
  • Go to Clover Mountain Dairy in Washington (https://www.youtube.com/user/vnthomas16) – I already have tickets for June. 2022!
  • Vacation in Puerto Rico
  • Go to Hawaii and visit a volcano
  • Go to Iceland and see a glacier
  • Go to Hungary and visit grandmother’s home town
  • Go to Zurich and eat fondue and tour a chocolate factory
  • Go to Fiji – because it’s freaking Fiji!
  • Go on a sailing cruise

Yeah, lots of traveling. . .I used to travel a lot as a kid and now I miss it like crazy. I don’t know if I will get to check off everything and who knows, maybe I will add more. But now, I feel like I am more likely to make them happen instead of just thinking about it.


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