South Korea, Here I Come!

NEXT year.



I’m planning a whole year ahead and yet, we are still not sure if it will happen. This is the power of the pandemic. On top of that, the war in Ukraine leaves all of our future in the ??? zone as we watch the horror unfold. I feel very privileged to be thinking about a trip to MY homeland when someone else’s homeland is being destroyed.

There are so many things to consider: 1. Will the country even be accepting tourists? Will it ever? Think about it, a country does NOT have to accept tourists. That is not some RIGHT we have as travelers to go tromping through someone else’s country just because we are curious. Europe saw how much damage tourism has caused to their beloved historical sites when everything stopped during the lockdown. I think many countries are rethinking the cost of tourism vs. the money it brings their economy. 2. Will we be in a World War? That is the biggest cloud over our life right now. Russia is reminding the world why they should never be forgotten and Ukraine is their first victim caught in the crossfire. 3. Will there be another pandemic?

Nevertheless, because this is my homecoming I will still plan and hope for the best. Unlike any other trip, I will be taking out travel insurance to make sure I do not lose my investment. Since my whole family is traveling with me, it will not be a small sum. I am also a very reasonable human. If 6 months out, it looks like it will be dangerous, precarious or just too uncertain, I will simply have to put it on hold.

Buckets HOLD things just like it POURS things out – so my Bucket list can hold my dreams for a bit. I just have to make sure there are no holes.

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