“Women’s” Clothes

I have struggled like most women with the sizing of women’s clothes, the cut of the shirt or pants as the size increases and the cost of the clothing. You probably will not read anything earth shattering or new in this blog but I find myself in the same damn boat every time I need a new pair of shorts or a comfy shirt.

Whether you are an XS or an XXXL you have all gone through the same thing as I have. You can try on 5 pairs of shorts that say they are XL and at least 2 of them will not fit. Does that mean the other 3 companies are lying or the 2 crumpled on the floor of the dressing room? Is there not a standard rule for these things?

How about trying on 5 different COLORS of the same brand and size of jeans. Yup, you guessed it, some do not fit while others do. WTF clothing industry? I can understand if the fabric content is different. If you like heather like I do, you know that it can’t be made without blending fabrics. So of course 100% cotton will fit different than 50/50 or if spandex or lycra is introduced into the mix. I’m a reasonable, educated woman. But when colors make a difference you tend to scratch your head. It’s a PIA to have to try one EVERY pair of pants instead of trying on one and buying 10 pairs.

Wait, there is more! I found a pair of stretch jeans at Old Navy years ago when I could actually zip and button around my middle (yeah, I don’t like paying a lot for clothes) AND they were having a sale. So I tried one pair on and bought 4 more JUST LIKE IT – the same size, fabric content and COLOR. I didn’t think anything of tearing the tags off and throwing them in the wash. I mean, I tried one on and it fit right? I washed them on cold like I always do and since they had lycra I hung them up to dry. The one pair I tried on still fit great, another pair fit but the button was wonky and the other two I SWEAR was a size smaller. It was an act of congress getting a refund but when I finally talked to a manager and laid them side by side and showed the difference, she decided it was a manufacture fail. Sadly they no longer had the pants that fit me so well. I wore that one pair until it was ratty. LOL

Now I am at my heaviest weight but starting to lose weight so I’m at that weird stage where the stuff I have does not fit well and I’m not quite small enough to go to the next size down but I still need clothes. . . do you know what shorts are the most comfortable and fits the best? Men’s shorts. Yup. I just wanted some pull on shorts with a drawstring while I work on my weight loss and I’ll be damned if men’s shorts are not the greatest things – AND they are only $10 a pair without being on sale! I found these puppies almost hidden near the exercise clothes area. They are loose around the thighs but not too much, the waist is elastic but the draw string is there AND they are hidden on the inside. THEY HAVE REAL POCKETS – yeah, I can put my phone in the pocket while I walk- HEAR THAT WOMEN’S APPAREL?

I just bought 5 more online and I’m interested to see if there are any discrepancies between the pieces. I know the heather ones will be different fabric mixes but we shall see tomorrow if they are like the comfy ones I’m wearing right now. I know – First world problems but still. . .

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2 thoughts on ““Women’s” Clothes

  1. The other day, I had to buy a strapless bra that is going to be made into a belly dance costume. I have no idea what size bra I wear, but my boobs are small, so I started with a 38B. I couldn’t even get it hooked around my body. But of course, the didn’t have a 40B, because who could be that big and still have tiny tatas? I tried a 40C, but the cups were huge. So I gave up that day.
    I looked it up online, and measured myself. It looks like I need a 38C. So I went back to the store, thinking this is stupid, a 38 is obviously too small around, and a C is obviously too big. But I tried a 38C, and it fit.
    I was confused, so I held it up to the 38B – and it’s at least 2 inches bigger in the band. And I held the cups up to the 40C, and the 40C cups were so much bigger it was absurd.
    So what is the point of saying a “38” is the size that goes around your body if they aren’t actually 38″? And what’s the point of a “B” or “C” cup that varies based on the length of the band?
    It’s so stupid.
    I’m glad I don’t wear a bra.


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