Mango Sorbet

I love ice cream. Lately, ice cream does not love ME. I swear it feels like my body is turning against me. First, it was hard to process meat so I stopped eating that months ago. Then I was so gassy I thought I would explode so I backed off on the dairy and that helped a lot. But boy did I miss ice cream. I tried soy ice cream. It was okay. I tried oat ice cream. It tasted good. I tried CHANCE by Ben and Jerry with sunflower seed stuff and it was tasty but kind of grainy feeling in my mouth. So frozen yogurt works even though it is dairy – it seems whatever the probiotics are in yogurt seems to keep most of the gas at bay.

Then I remembered sorbet. I have always known about it and enjoyed it many times in my 50+ years but I just FORGOT about it. Sorbet is fancy for popsicle. LOL. Seriously though, it’s a lovely frozen dessert. No, it’s not like sherbet – that has dairy in it. This is quite literally flavored ice. While most popsicles are nothing but colored HFCS or sugar, real sorbet is normally made with pureed fruit or fruit juices.

Okay, I didn’t remember sorbet, JoAnne brought it up. You know how she is always busy with Girl Scouts? They are working on a badge and the girls are doing an ALL MANGO dinner party. They needed to try out the dessert so of course my youngest and I went at it. We used a bag of frozen mango, some lime juice and a bit of maple syrup. THAT IS IT. You put it all in a food processor and you can eat it right away or freeze it for 30 minutes. IT IS DELICIOUS. Now I want to make strawberry and then peach. THIS IS what I needed for my dessert fix that was not full of processed sugar. My other daughter loved it too.

Oh, and the bonus is you can also add alcohol to the mix and have adult sorbet – what? now are you interested? Of course you are! Here is the recipe we used to make our mango sorbet. I recommend you have a decent food processor. I only had a teeny weeny one and had to make them in small batches. I guess I’ll be buying a food processor. LOL

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