Poke Bowls

First it was avocado toast. . .now my new food obsession is poke bowls. I’ve always enjoyed them but not many places offered them as part of the menu. Lately I’ve even seen some at Harris Teeter – you know – by their “sushi” counter and it was very acceptable! Recently we went out to lunch as a family in downtown Raleigh and the one I got was scrumptious!

After paying way too much for lunch, I decided, as I often do, that I can make this at home at the fraction of the cost. Today for lunch I steamed fresh rice, steamed some edamame, made a KRAB STIX and baby shrimp “salad” with mayo and sriracha, cubed some baby cucumber, sliced avocado drizzled some teriyaki sauce and BAM it was great! I forgot to take a photo (DOH) so when I make another one I’ll post it!

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Loyal. Funny. Sensitive. Loving.

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