Teacher Appreciation

I don’t know about where you are from but in North Carolina, USA the first week of May is Teacher Appreciation Week. Many teachers are underpaid in the US. The national average for K-12 teachers show at $64K so it does not seem so bad. The problem is they average starting teacher pay which is much much lower with seasoned teachers.

According to https://worldpopulationreview.com/state-rankings/teacher-pay-by-state here are the teacher’s with the highest pay average:

  1. New York ($85,889)
  2. California ($83,059)
  3. Massachusetts ($82,042)
  4. Connecticut ($76,465)
  5. New Jersey ($74,760)
  6. Washington ($73,049)
  7. Maryland ($70,463)
  8. Alaska ($70,277)
  9. Pennsylvania ($68,930)
  10. Illinois ($67,049)

The lowest is Mississippi at $45,105. Poor MS – I think they have been in the bottom nearly every year. North Carolina when I was teaching was second lowest but I see right now, they are at around #30 which is the highest I’ve seen in ages. It’s still only $53,940 which is not MUCH higher than MS. That is about $27.00 an hour which again looks great. Remember that not EVERY teacher makes that. Starting salary is more like $30K However, what a lot of people do not know is that teachers work WELL BEYOND 8 hours a day. Every time someone says “yeah but you get two months off in the Summer” I want to hit them. In NC the teacher salary is for 10 months so they are NOT PAID in the summer. Many teachers get part time jobs or split the already low pay over 12 months.

If you have not done anything for the teachers in your lives this week, do it any day and give the teachers a gift card to a restaurant, a coffee shop, a wine store, a makeup shop if she/he uses makeup, a massage therapist, a grocery store or a gas station. Encourage them to spend something on JUST THEM. If you buy a Target gift card I will guarantee you they will buy something for the classroom or students. Most teachers are too generous. If you can not budget for any of the above, make a handmade card that sincerely states the appreciation you have for them. And better than that – a card from your child. Help them to verbalize the importance of teachers. Then, sit down together and email the BOE, the state representatives, the governor and the president to put your voice out there for raising salaries and bettering conditions for our public school teachers.

photo from https://nationaltoday.com/teacher-appreciation-week/

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