Murrells Inlet

South Carolina has a lot of places to visit that is near water. I’ve been to pretty much every place at one time or another in my life. It’s farther to drive than NC beaches but it has some waterfront property that I can’t find in North Carolina. Murrells Inlet also has tons of seafood restaurants so for a seafood foodie like me, it’s a great place to nosh and rest on a weekend.

On one such occasion, my husband and I decided to get an Air B&B for a Friday and check out some sites. We knew we would be joining JoAnne and her guy in their lovely resort condo at Surfside Beach for the rest of the weekend so we thought we’d get an early start and hang out a few places.

We enjoyed walking around on the Marshwalk. There were a ton of boats ready to be rented or charted. You could fish, cruise, drink, eat etc. on any of the various water vehicles. None of that appealed to us this time but I could see doing an evening booze cruise sometime. We added it to our list of to do next time.

Our first stop was lunch at the Claw House. I had my eye on their shrimp and crab lettuce wraps. We pulled into town to early for check in so we sat at a lovely table with a great view of the waterway. Their corn and crab chowder was perfect – chunky, tasty and well seasoned. My husband enjoyed his creamy pesto linguini with chicken. It was on the pricey side but there were not many choices for non seafood people and after all, it is called the CLAW house. LOL My lettuce wrap was less a wrap and more of a lettuce taco. There was plenty of seafood on it but the crab was an odd color and I realized it was nearly all claw meat. With lobster claw meat is coveted and with blue crabs it is not so much. Normally the lump is used in cold bars and the other is used for making stuffing, dips, etc as it is not as visually appealing. But the menus did not SAY lump so there you go. I had to knife and fork it as the two pieces of lettuce was really loaded and sauced. My key lime pie was not very tart and his chocolate cake was so rich he could not finish it. It was an overly expensive lunch and I’m not sure if it was worth it, but we got to experience something new so that was fun.

highlight of my meal – I should have just eaten a bowl of this crab and corn chowder LOL

Our rental was very cute. 2 bedrooms, one bath and it included a golf cart. Can I just be honest with you? I don’t know if I would rent the place again but man oh man was the golf cart fun. We rode it to the beach, we rode around the subdivision, we rode it to the beach restaurant for supper too. The Conch Cafe was not fancy or expensive and it was on the water.

I must be getting old because this shit was sexy

I eat too much seafood at the beach because I can’t get enough seafood where I live. So I even had seafood for breakfast!

After breakfast we just walked around the marsh and waiting for JoAnne and her guy to show up. It was a great start to our relaxing weekend with best friends.

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