Surfside Beach, SC

Surfside Beach has a nickname – “The Family Beach”. Less than 5000 people populate this small area and it is a part of the Myrtle Beach strip called the Grand Strand. I didn’t necessarily see a lot of FAMILY at this beach but I saw a ton of retirees or soon to retire couples. Then there was us. LOL It is less touristy and the beaches were clean. There is not much “to do” but if you are wanting to just relax, see the ocean and eat some good seafood, it’s the perfect spot for a weekend.

JoAnne and her guy have a lovely condo at a resort and are generous to invite us to stay a few days. They stay a week and we usually pop in for a weekend. We used to take our kids when they were little but as young adults they are no longer interested in the old people stuff. They would rather stay home and play video games until their eyes bleed (not literally of course.)

I started the Saturday off with a drink. We stopped in at Mojo’s and I got a peach mojito. It came with peach gummies!

When our friends made it into town it was time for lunch. We of course went to our favorite little spot – The Grilled Cheese and Crab Cake Co. in Garden City Beach. This unassuming place has the best food around and I am sad I only get to eat there once a year. I’m not sure why I don’t have a photo of JoAnne’s grilled pimento cheese and fried green tomato sandwich – it was amazing.

After stuffing ourselves it was time to take a walk. We decided to go to a dying mall. Much like people who rubberneck when there is a car accident, it is an odd attraction to see what is happening to a mall that is no longer popular. Does that make us weird? I mean we are already weird so does it make us strange?

Anyhoo, the only “real” store that was open was Belk and they were very short staffed. We found a WONDERFUL drum store and I enjoyed playing around with the hand drums and listening to two old guys playing guitars. Then my husband found an old computer store – I think he spent 45 minutes there talking to the owner.

I’m sure everyone else would have found how we spent the first few hours of our vacation terribly boring, but the 4 of us just love being around one another and conversing about whatever catches our interest so it was a great for us! LOL

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