We Are Fine

Hi. I know we don’t have a lot of subscribers but we have enough that I need to tell you we have not given up on our blog. As you all know this blog was all about staying close while being separated by geography and the pandemic. JoAnne and I have really enjoyed writing, so much that we “reenlisted” for another year. As luck would have it, there have been things in our lives that have cropped up that is taking up more time than we like. Mental health and physical health of our loved ones are on our minds at the current time. So we will still pop in now and then, but just wanted you to know we have not abandoned this endeavor.

I personally am off on some adventures. I did a weekend in Charleston SC with a best friend for her birthday. BOY WAS IT HOT but I have a few blogs to write about that. I am also off to Washington from June 22-29. For years I have been wanting to visit my friends on their Organic Dairy Farm and things always got in the way – you know “pesky” things like my mom dying, my dad getting cancer and dying, the pandemic, trying to sell dad’s house, etc. Please please notice my dripping sarcasm. LOL

So I got tickets to Spokane and my friends’ promise to pick me up and drive me to Clover Mountain Dairy Bluecreek, Eastern Washington. There I will spend a whole week pretending to farm. I’m a P^$$# and farming is not for P^$$!@$ so yeah I will just be pretending. I will be part time videographer, photographer, egg seeker, cow brusher/hugger, part time cook but mostly a gawker. I was first set to go in March but the pandemic stopped that so here I am going in JUNE the month I hate to travel in the most! BUT there is a 2 week old calf and a brand new calf waiting for me to love on so there is THAT. AND AND AND I am going to a BigFoot festival while I am there.

THEN I fly to San Diego California to meet my half brother in the flesh. I learned about him just 2-3 years ago and have only Facetimed with him so I will be on a 13 day adventure. This ticks off quite a few things on my Bucket List:

  • Travel to the Northeast region of US
  • Travel Alone
  • Visit Washington (the state not the nation’s capital – been there done that lots)
  • Work on a real farm
  • Visit California
  • Meet my brother
  • Visit San Diego Zoo (not sure if I will get to do that but yay)
  • Deep Sea fish (maybe)

So yeah, some of those happened to overlap but who am I to argue? I love checking things off lists. Anyway, all these adventures mean more writing blogs so just letting you know that the next few weeks of silence is not forever.

I hope all of you are healthy and happy. Be sure to do something creative. If you want to be a guest writer for our blog, please send us an email and what information you want us to put out there about you. Until I write again – ta ta! xoxoxoxoxo Bridgette

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