Before Washington, before, California, I took a weekend away with one of my favorite humans to Charleston SC. It was one of my BFF’s birthday and she wanted to get OUT and stretch. She lives on a lovely 100+ acre farm in NC and it’s a piece of heaven but even heaven will start closing in if you are there ALL THE TIME. She works remotely so she was ready for a new scene.

It was so much fun planning the trip with her. I’m a planner and she’s not – in fact she’s very ADD. So she started with Charleston SC and then we talked about how hot it would be so then every day we picked out a place farther and farther North and discussed all the ends and outs of each place. Do we drive, fly or train there? What else is there to do other than the destination? We laughed, scratched out heads and then she settled on Charleston, SC at the end, funny enough.

I didn’t care WHERE we went as long as we were together. It has been TOO long since she and I were alone without husbands and kids and we were dying for some girl time. She picked me up on the day of departure in her car and away we went. The drive there was so much fun as we prattled about our lives, listened to great music and sang along. It was so Thelma and Louis! LOL

She had found us a nice condo in a golf and tennis resort – very posh. We had a good time making fun of the carbon copy people who were so much more proper than us. We stuck out like sore thumbs but we didn’t care. We were in our own world and all we wanted was some one on one time.

We went to the grocery and stocked up on snacks and drinks and settled in. We watched dumb scary YouTube videos about supernatural events and when I went to bed the winds whipped up and the sounds were JUST like what we had just watched so there was THAT haha. I did eventually fall asleep and I was relieved to not have been visited by spooks. LOL

We took an enjoyable horse and carriage tour through Charleston but was surprised at the obvious absence of mention about how slavery BUILT this historical town. They talked about everything BUT that. In 2022 that was disappointing that history was still being whitewashed. So we decided we needed to do our own exploring.

I had read about the hanging tree – a tree that was used for lynching. It had been saved from destruction. It is in several documentaries and books I have read. A few years ago they tried to at least get a sign put up for historical reference and I was sad it find there was none there. But we went, paid respect to the lives lost, had some heartfelt discussions about the systemic racism that still exists in our country and especially the South. As I laid my hands on the tree, I was moved to tears.

Powerful stuff

While I loved all the fun giggly things we did on this trip (more on that later) I always love that Bonnie is someone I can share moments like this with. That is a gift for me.

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