I love most animals. I love cats and enjoy being loved by our cat, Ivan. While I admire dogs, I don’t usually cuddle or pet dogs as much as cats. I seem to like well mannered, clean dogs the most. On a recent visit to California I noticed that EVERYONE seemed to have a dog. They were everywhere!

I was visiting Oceanside, California and everywhere I walked there were people walking dogs. Big dogs, little dogs, medium dogs, dogs dogs dogs. When conversations turned to pets almost everyone seemed to prefer dogs. I met two people who had cats out of 30 or more I was introduced to.

I’ve been accused by some dog owners of “not liking” dogs. Absolutely untrue. I grew up with more dogs than cats. My father had Bluetick Coon Hounds and they were very well behaved. We were not allowed to pet them or “play” with them as they were working dogs. My mother had Pomeranians and they were yip yappy, in your face and hyper. I was not a fan. So I mostly hung out with my cool grey tabby/maine coon mixed kitty. She was a superb listener.

My brother’s family has two lovely dogs. Kona Kai is a 6 year old “white chocolate” lab who has the calmest disposition I have ever seen in a dog. She is well mannered and quiet. I loved my time with her. She listens and never licks and I think I heard her bark maybe once in 5 days. She is a beauty:

She lives with a younger pup – Kiwi. Kiwi is part Australian Shepherd and a beautiful dog but definitely a younger kid. She loves to jump, lick, friendly nip and bark. I tended to spend less time with her but have no ill feelings toward her. It’s like that friend you have you can only take “so much of” LOL

But both dogs were amazing, really. I also met a few other dogs on my trip:

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