Better Work B*#@!

I’ve learned something during my travel. I need to work. I want to work. No, I don’t want to go back to the office and wear jackets and hose. No way. But I want to earn a salary. I love being a mom and I am a great caretaker but I need a stream of revenue that I have earned. I have been working since I was 14 years old and while I don’t want to pump gas or clean toilets anymore, I want to earn income doing something and if it also gives me satisfaction creatively that would be a bonus.

When you stay home with children it is a huge benefit for them I truly believe that. During their younger years they need that commitment. I think it really helps to develop them into better human beings if they have the nurturing and the care that they need. That is no shade to mothers everywhere that work 2 jobs AND have babies. It CAN be done but as a kid of a mom who worked all night and had to sleep during the day, I wanted something different for my kids and I was privileged enough to do that. I am forever grateful.

Now that they are 13 and 16 and after dabbling in jobs, I realize I do want to work for ME. In my “old age” I don’t want to put on power suits or even a uniform anymore. Hell, I don’t even wear a bra anymore. I threw them out – seriously! LOL. So I am going to look for an online job that isn’t a scam. Wish me luck. I am reaching out to all my friends and asking them to think of me if anyone in their network needs a virtual assistant, a writer in any capacity, etc. Who knows? If you don’t put a line out in the water, you will never catch a fish no matter how much you wish. So I am casting lines in every body of water that I know.

After 54 years of living on this earth, if I can’t ask for help then I have not evolved. From July 2022 – July 2023 my goal is to continue to write, publish as many books as I can and look for a job that I can do online – something affiliated with a real company and not those weird fly by night places I keep finding. I can tutor, I can write, I can create and I can support – surely someone out there in the world needs me. If YOU need me, contact me and I’ll send you a resume.

Oh, and do be careful – don’t trip on that fishing line – I got a lot out there in the water. LOL–838725130618168914/

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