It’s mid July where I live and that means 50% or higher humidity and feels more like 90 degrees summer weather. This morning has me missing Clover Mountain Dairy in Chewelah, Washington. I am especially missing Lilac – the youngest calf in the dairy.

When the Thomarosa started their Dairy, they bought their 4 OG cows – Buttercup, Carnation, Rose and Daisy. My favorite flower is the daisy so I of course chose Daisy to be my favorite without even meeting her. I watched her grow up on videos and photos and dreamed of meeting her someday. When she had trouble having babies, it made me love her even more as I knew too well the troubles of pregnancy. So she became my SPIRIT COW.

I was so eager to meet her but she was not sure about me. Maybe she sensed my eagerness and interpreted the desperateness as a sign to stay away. It’s kind of like when you are at a party and that one person comes on to you a little too strong and you realize he/she/they may be a tad psychotic. LOL Whatever it was, I was certainly not going to stress her out.

All the other cows eventually warmed up to me and they all loved the scratches behind their ears, I provided. Lilac was only a few days old and was often left in the barn for her safety as she learned about her surroundings. While the Thomases were doing their chores that I could not help with, I would hang out with Lilac in the barn and say her name, wiggling my fingers just like I was taught.

Eventually, she came to me, let me boop her nose and she even licked me. It is such a wonderful feeling to be accepted by sentient beings. It’s a gift. Having been rejected by many humans who judge differently than animals it never fails to amaze me when an animal trusts me with their lives. If only humans could be more like cows, dogs and cats.

Lilac is a LOOKER. I mean all cows are cool but if there was a beauty pageant for cows, I’m pretty sure Lilac would win the crown. She has a beautiful colored coat and lovely eyes and lashes. She is evenly colored but she has this adorable tail that looks like she dipped it in white paint and then again in black. She is also charming. She chases the hens out of her corral as if to say, NO CHICKENS ALLOWED! When she finally tried to moo, I swear it sounded like she said “Lilac!” but you can judge for yourself.

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