Chickens poop breakfast. How cool is that? They also eat the insect pests in the yard and they give you free fertilizer for your garden. Chickens are incredibly smart. Scientists have learned they can anticipate future events, recall the trajectory of a hidden object, possess self-control and hold out for a better food reward. Chickens can assess their own position in the pecking order. THEY HAVE SELF AWARENESS! I mean, this shows chickens are smarter than 50% of the human race.

My admiration of chickens began in South Korea when I would follow my beloved Harmony around her tiny garden. She had a few chickens who came and went when they wanted. My Korean grandmother always spoke to them as if they understood. They did not come in her garden until they were invited. Before she planted, the chickens would come and scratch for bugs, poop to fertilize. During the growth season, they were fed away from the garden so they never bothered any of the food. After the harvest, the chickens returned to the garden to eat the leftovers and scratch and poop some more. All the while they would give us fresh eggs to eat.

When we immigrated to the US, my American grandfather had a self sustaining farm in the mountains of NC. He had a lot more chickens and a very mean rooster. Some of the hens were allowed to brood so there would be chicks to sell and younger hens to join the troupe. Papaw did not talk to his chickens but he respected them and took very good care of them. When he found abandoned duck eggs, he would slip them under the hens to hatch them. The mother hens always freaked out when the ducklings would go swimming. Poor things. That must have been confusing.

Where I live only certain areas are allowed to have backyard chickens. Real estate value is more important than nature in subdivisions. One of my friends has been raising chickens under the radar. They are surprisingly quiet and have lived undetected for several years. Another friend lives near the woods on land that is not governed by HOAs so they have a coop and their chickens’ only fear are birds of prey. These ladies are prolific egg layers so I benefit from that from time to time.

I thought I was some sort of “chick” magnet or a chicken whisperer because they followed me around until my dear friend wryly quipped, “They just think you are going to feed them.” Nothing like a dose of reality to ruin a fantasy. LOL

I got to spend a lot of quality time with the hens and rooster on Clover Mountain Dairy in Chewelah, Washington. They free roam and are very friendly. Their rooster, Siren, is a good looking and very well mannered gentleman. He obviously protects the ladies but he was not aggressive towards me or other animals. The eggs they lay have amazingly rich yolks. They like to play egg hunt with the Thomases and have laid in very creative places. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.

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