If you know me at all, you know I love cats. I love many animals but kitties have a very special place in my heart. Maybe it is because my first cat was such a great listener. I would be upset after a scolding and my cat Precious (no I did not name her she came with that name) would look deeply into my eyes and rub on me as if to soothe my hurt feelings.

I knew about Spud from the Clover Dairy Farm videos so I sought him out. He had a rough patch in his life when he was hit by a car. They had to amputate one of his hind legs but he healed wonderfully. Virginia was working at the vet office and she fell in love with him. Who wouldn’t? So Spud became a farm cat and seems to enjoy his digs.

You would think he has always been three-legged the way he gets around. He prefers the outdoors and is a great hunter, making sure the farm is rid of voles, moles and any other pest he finds. He was a bit wary of me at first and then when he realized I passed out chin scratches, ear scritches and belly rubs, we became fast friends.

This is the ONE time I heard him meow and I caught it on video!

He is a handsome fellow that rarely meows unlike my Ivan at home who is SO TALKATIVE! I loved seeing him sun on the porch. If it got too hot, he would stick his paws under the front door to steal some of the AC. So clever! Every evening before I went to bed, I would look out my window and there he would be looking back at me as if to say, “Good night. Don’t worry I’ll protect you from the rodents you so dread.”

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