I met the sweetest girl in Chewelah, Washington. Her name is Carly and she had good manners, won my heart and now I miss her:


I have heard strange tales from dog lovers that their dogs are like their children but I thought that was just silly. I mean dogs can be really demeaning and they tend to jump, lick, bark and run around like lunatics. Who wants that in their lives? My cat is gentle, loving and enjoys his alone time and comes around just at the right moments. Cats win, right?

Then I met Carly. She stole my heart. For a dog this size, she is the gentlest animal I have ever come across. She is calm, content and has the best manners. When she wants a pet, she politely will put her paw into mine or on me:

Such a lady!

She loves to run around the farm, but she is also happy to stay indoors. She does not bark in the morning and wake you and she does not try to eat the chickens. She comes when called and will lounge with you on the couch if you want to nap. She never begs at the supper table but will gladly clean the floor if you are a clumsy cook. I didn’t know there was a perfect dog for me – but here she is. The Thomases are lucky to have Carly and vice versa.

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