I am dog sitting for a lovely family whom I call friends this week. They have two dogs – Sam, a very old black lab and Memphis, a very young hunting dog of some sort. They could not be more different. They remind me of my own children in personality.

Memphis whines to get out, whines to come in, wants to roughhouse and is easy bored. I feel bad for him as I am not a play rough with dogs person. I have been throwing him toys into the yard for him to chase and that is about it. He looks at me with his beautiful eyes as if he is judging me. I know he thinks I’m lame but that is all he will get out of me LOL

This is Memphis begging me to play with him.

Sam just follows me around so politely and if I pet him on the head he is so appreciative. He lets Memphis bug him until he’s had enough and then he will give a low growl as if to say, “Get off me punk!”. Otherwise, he’s happy to lay in his dog bed or sit next to me when I watch reruns on HBO Max.

Sweet sweet calm Sam

Thankfully they live in a wooded area with a huge yard so they can run around and play on their own without any help from me. Of course, right now, Memphis has a squeaky toy in his mouth and he is nudging me on the thigh with it trying to convince me I need to play with him.

Dogs are like kids to child free people. They are fun to play with for awhile but then you realized your life choices are good ones and you go home to your one cat and are glad you don’t have dogs. I love these dogs and they are fantastic – but I’ll be happy to turn them back over to their family on Friday.

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