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Hmm – so I’m going to put in a love letter to Bridgette, because I know she’ll see it, and then replace it with an actual bio. That’s the kind of thing you do when you’re starting a new blog with your bestie.

She’s so smart, it makes me look like a drooling idiot. (I actually do drool, but not because I’m stupid.) And funny – she is so creative with words, and so damn witty – it’s no wonder we’re always laughing when we’re together.

I can’t imagine my life without her in it.


I am so not erasing what JoAnne wrote because it makes my heart smile. JoAnne is definitely not stupid but she does drool. I snore so now you know our weird gross habits.

I was born in Pohang, South Korea as an illigitimate child of an Hungarian-American Marine and a Korean waitress during the Vietnam Conflict. Oh, yes there will be lots of stories about that in our blog. I am currently living in North Carolina with my husband, two teenaged daughters and a beautiful cat named Ivan. I finally love myself just the way I am and am becoming increasingly unapologetic. Koreans are second only to Canadians for saying “sorry”. My life is tremendously more beautiful because I have JoAnne in my life. We are doing this blog together because we work too hard and we need a place to be creative. Please follow us on our journey because you might as well laugh.


What to say about myself? I’m an average 55 year old, single (although I do have a great guy) and I live with my mother.

(She’s 85, and I’m happy I can help her out around the house. I just always think it’s funny, and a statement about our society, to say I live with my mother.)

I like to cook, make and can jelly, sew, crochet, make crafts, and travel. I love my Girl Scout troop. And since I have a job that by no means lives up to my potential (and pays accordingly) I like to do all of this stuff on a budget.

Oh, and I like to belly dance. Haven’t been able to lately, but hopefully I will again eventually.


We’ve known each other since about 1987. The story of how we met is pretty funny.

But we met, we became friends, and now 33 years later we are inseparable. Except for those damn 187 miles.

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