Chickens poop breakfast. How cool is that? They also eat the insect pests in the yard and they give you free fertilizer for your garden. Chickens are incredibly smart. Scientists have learned they can anticipate future events, recall the trajectory of a hidden object, possess self-control and hold out for a better food reward. ChickensContinue reading “Chickens!”


It’s mid July where I live and that means 50% or higher humidity and feels more like 90 degrees summer weather. This morning has me missing Clover Mountain Dairy in Chewelah, Washington. I am especially missing Lilac – the youngest calf in the dairy. When the Thomarosa started their Dairy, they bought their 4 OGContinue reading “Lilac”

To Teach or Not To Teach?

I grew up all over the place – South Korea, Louisiana, Kentucky and North Carolina. Daddy was in the Army and Mama was a waitress. Money was not easy to come by and I watched them both work double shifts many times. I was on reduced lunch and my clothes most often came from yardContinue reading “To Teach or Not To Teach?”


I love most animals. I love cats and enjoy being loved by our cat, Ivan. While I admire dogs, I don’t usually cuddle or pet dogs as much as cats. I seem to like well mannered, clean dogs the most. On a recent visit to California I noticed that EVERYONE seemed to have a dog.Continue reading “Dogs EVERYWHERE!”


Before Washington, before, California, I took a weekend away with one of my favorite humans to Charleston SC. It was one of my BFF’s birthday and she wanted to get OUT and stretch. She lives on a lovely 100+ acre farm in NC and it’s a piece of heaven but even heaven will start closingContinue reading “Charleston”

“The Greatest Thing You’ll Ever Learn

is just to love and be loved in return.” That is a quote from one of my favorite musical movies MOULIN ROUGE. I think quotes like that usually reference love of two adults for each other that is romantic. That is all well and good and exciting but for me, it resonates as a loveContinue reading ““The Greatest Thing You’ll Ever Learn”

Bovine Intervention

My trip to Washington was my first time in the Northwest. I LOVED IT. I was on an organic dairy farm with friends and it was so therapeutic. If you have not already, check out their Youtube channel: Do them a favor and subscribe. They post some interesting videos about their journey from militaryContinue reading “Bovine Intervention”


When I was in college one of my friends said the funniest thing to me. “Girl you are not just a trip you are the WHOLE VACATION”. That about describes my entire West Coast family. LOL. I am heady from the trip I just got home from. Finding out you have a half brother isContinue reading “What.A.TRIP~”