Sister Love

Love is love is love. Yet, love can be very complicated. Take, for example, the love of a sister. Whether it is your older sister, younger sister, middle sister, step sister, half sister, transgender sister or even a sister from another mister – they all come with pitfalls and challenges along with the devotion andContinue reading “Sister Love”

Doing Shots Before Grading Papers

I was a high school English teacher for a hot minute – 7 years – in the 90s. I loved my job. I loved my students and I loved sharing literature and vocabulary with all of the kids in my classes. The low pay, long hours, no raises, no career development, low support from administrators,Continue reading “Doing Shots Before Grading Papers”

Manipulative People

Psychological manipulation has been around for a long time. It is a type of social influence which is not always negative. As a parent I use it to gently “steer” my daughters into healthy decisions for their best interest. Televised programs, whether it is medical content or commercials, also use it to convince viewers toContinue reading “Manipulative People”

Talking About Sex With Teens

My Mother never told me about my period and she certainly never gave me the birds and bees talk. When I started my period and she finally found out, she bought me some pads and nothing else was said. I asked friends and looked up things in the medical books at the public library. IContinue reading “Talking About Sex With Teens”

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

Do you remember the first time an adult asked you that question? I did not even know what it meant to “grow up” really. I then wondered what they were talking about – I am already ME so why would I change? I’m having to ask my 15 year old similar questions as she preparesContinue reading “What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?”

Bipolar Bear Bipolar Bear What Do You See?

. . .I see a wifey looking at me! Are people with bipolar forgetful? Does a polar bear poop ice cubes? Sometimes living with a bipolar husband is like having Groundhog Day, the Butterfly Effect and Black Mirror being a part of your life at the same time. People with bipolar have complained of memoryContinue reading “Bipolar Bear Bipolar Bear What Do You See?”