I actually enjoy grocery shopping

I know most people consider grocery shopping to be a chore, or an errand – something they have to do so that they will have food later to eat. But I’ve always enjoyed grocery shopping. I remember, living with my bestie Tammy or freshman and Sophomore years in college. We would go to school duringContinue reading “I actually enjoy grocery shopping”

I don’t care for thanksgiving either.

Follow up to Bridgette’s confession about how she feels about Thanksgiving – I really don’t like it, either. I worked at Kmart for 12 years. The last two years, I was a manager. Thanksgiving was hell. Christmas was hell. Dealing with corporate was hell. Dealing with customers was especially hell. I was always baffled aboutContinue reading “I don’t care for thanksgiving either.”

Our House – The Hole in the Wall

We’ve had an oil tank behind our house for around 20 years. It fed our monitor heater, and when we replaced that with a heat pump, it just sat there. Last year, we decided it was (past) time to paint the house. I decided that I should get rid of the tank so it wouldContinue reading “Our House – The Hole in the Wall”

A Visit for Bridgette’s Birthday

Bridgette asked us to come for a visit, to get together for her birthday. Sounded like a great idea to us! I don’t know what was going on in the Apex/Cary/Raleigh area, but all our regular hotels were already full. So we ended up in Cary, in a cute little suite at a Springhill. ItContinue reading “A Visit for Bridgette’s Birthday”