Thoughts about life, and things we like and do, and how we get through life together with laughter. Life is hard enough. Don’t be sad, come with us on our journey and laugh about it instead.

Can I learn Korean?

For years Bridgette and I have said that someday, we would go to Korea together. Things have been progressing in that direction, and I’m hopeful it that might actually happen! But it’s still some time away, and I thought, maybe instead of playing stupid games on my phone, I could find an app to teachContinue reading “Can I learn Korean?”


Music is also medicine. Because of the pandemic the one thing I miss the most is live music. I am one of the luckier ones in that I am surrounded by singers and musicians. While other people have to pay to be entertained I got a weekly does FOR FREE for years. Then, BOOM –Continue reading “MUSIC IS MAGIC”

Landscaping Part II

Happy Friday everyone! I spend three hours in perfect weather outside yesterday prepping my planted areas for the arrival of pea gravel and river stones. They should be here Monday morning. I thought I would share my project with you. My good friend Aga who is a phenomenal amateur landscaper was kind enough to helpContinue reading “Landscaping Part II”


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