Thoughts about life, and things we like and do, and how we get through life together with laughter. Life is hard enough. Don’t be sad, come with us on our journey and laugh about it instead.

Murrells Inlet

South Carolina has a lot of places to visit that is near water. I’ve been to pretty much every place at one time or another in my life. It’s farther to drive than NC beaches but it has some waterfront property that I can’t find in North Carolina. Murrells Inlet also has tons of seafoodContinue reading “Murrells Inlet”

Poke Bowls

First it was avocado toast. . .now my new food obsession is poke bowls. I’ve always enjoyed them but not many places offered them as part of the menu. Lately I’ve even seen some at Harris Teeter – you know – by their “sushi” counter and it was very acceptable! Recently we went out toContinue reading “Poke Bowls”

Mango Sorbet

I love ice cream. Lately, ice cream does not love ME. I swear it feels like my body is turning against me. First, it was hard to process meat so I stopped eating that months ago. Then I was so gassy I thought I would explode so I backed off on the dairy and thatContinue reading “Mango Sorbet”

Earth Day

Earth Day is celebrated annually on April 22. When I was a kid I was never specifically told WHY we have an earth day. I know now that in spring of 1970, Senator Gaylord Nelson created Earth Day as a way to force the issue of protecting the environment, restoring damage ecosystems and to encourage living aContinue reading “Earth Day”


Spring has sprung finally and I thought I would just share the photos of the flowers around my home!


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