Backyard Camping!

My youngest daughter was supposed to do backyard camping with her friend. We always try to find COVID safe activities outdoors. Unfortunately the one night they planned had temperatures as low as 29. Yikes! Neither like cold weather so they decided to reschedule for a weekend in the future. In the meanwhile, she had campingContinue reading “Backyard Camping!”

Thar She Blows!

We had quite the forecast the past few days about a potentially dangerous storm heading in our vicinity. Our family prepared by putting away things in the yard that could blow around and damage the house. I did not rush out for bread, milk and eggs like so many do, but I made sure ourContinue reading “Thar She Blows!”

Bipolar Bear Bipolar Bear What Do You See?

. . .I see a wifey looking at me! Are people with bipolar forgetful? Does a polar bear poop ice cubes? Sometimes living with a bipolar husband is like having Groundhog Day, the Butterfly Effect and Black Mirror being a part of your life at the same time. People with bipolar have complained of memoryContinue reading “Bipolar Bear Bipolar Bear What Do You See?”

One Time In English Class

Since I have never been to band camp I never get to start a story with “One time in band camp. . .” so I’m going to tell you a story about a time when I was a high school English teacher. In the 7 years of teaching from 1991-1998 I have amassed some amusingContinue reading “One Time In English Class”