Happy YOU day!

You read that right. Today is one of my BFF’s birthdays. I know most people say Happy BIRTHday because duh, you were birthed on that day. However, as I penned an email to her I realized her birth nor mine were all that happy. Without going into too much detail just know neither of usContinue reading “Happy YOU day!”

Simpler Living

The pandemic was a huge lesson in sociology among many other things. I learned that I can live without many things and I am happier for it. I was reminded what was more important to me and my family. I was never one to try to squeeze more and more into my days to beContinue reading “Simpler Living”

What’s Up Chicken Butt?

I like chickens and I can not lie. . . you other bloggers can’t deny. . .sorry I fell into a time loop and ended up in the 80s again. So, chickens. They are the magical creatures who produce eggs that we enjoy eating. I’m sorry vegetarians – this blog is probably not for you.Continue reading “What’s Up Chicken Butt?”

All Of A Sudden Oppressed

I usually do not write more than one blog a day but I just came back from Aldi and I had an experience so I thought I would share it while it was fresh in my mind. . . About the only place I go to anymore is the grocery store. I mask up, grabContinue reading “All Of A Sudden Oppressed”

Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month

Take a little time out to celebrate Asia: China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, the Philippines, Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Samoa; and in South Asia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Bhutan. Don’t stop there. Whether they are included be definition or not, celebrate ALL Asians from anywhere including Hawaii, Guam or other Pacific islands.Continue reading “Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month”

Oscars 2021 – Hot Weird Mess

My husband is puzzled at my love of watching award shows. I used to watch them all. I loved seeing all the glamorous people dressed in their crazy couture outfits and see if I spotted my favorites among them. As I got older I started to recognize people less and less especially in the musicContinue reading “Oscars 2021 – Hot Weird Mess”

Can I learn Korean?

For years Bridgette and I have said that someday, we would go to Korea together. Things have been progressing in that direction, and I’m hopeful it that might actually happen! But it’s still some time away, and I thought, maybe instead of playing stupid games on my phone, I could find an app to teachContinue reading “Can I learn Korean?”