The Virgin Mary

When I went to Catholic preschool and kindergarten in South Korea I remember studying really hard. I wanted to please the pretty nuns who were so kind to me and I always wanted to learn as much as I could. But when it came to the Virgin Mary I was really confused. When I wasContinue reading “The Virgin Mary”


Do you remember turning 16? I do. I just turned 54 but I remembered looking forward to 16. In my neck of the woods in the mountains of NC 16 meant getting your driver’s license and not being as dependent on your parents for transportation. It also meant my parents did not have to takeContinue reading “Sixteen”

When Do We Figure Out Our Worth?

As women we are often made to feel like second class citizens. We are sometimes objects for lust or mothers to everyone. I do not know many women who grew up feeling empowered or comfortable in their skin. I am learning though, that later in life some of these women are finally figuring out whoContinue reading “When Do We Figure Out Our Worth?”

Too Cold For A Firebowl?

That looks ridiculous typed out but that is exactly what happened this past weekend. For my 54th birthday I just wanted a few friends around a roaring fire outside, sipping spirits and playing some silly board games. I got two out of three so I really have nothing to complain about. JoAnne and her guyContinue reading “Too Cold For A Firebowl?”

Sweet Sixteen?

One of my daughters is turning 16 this year. How did that happen? Time has been a blur for the past three years for me and I can hardly believe this time has come. I asked her if she wanted a party or anything and she asked me, “Why?” so I did some research andContinue reading “Sweet Sixteen?”