Do Animals Know Their Names?

Obviously human animals know their names. Sometimes, when mom would call out my name I would pretend that I could not “hear” her but I KNEW she was calling me. When I call for my cat, Ivan, he comes but is he coming because he knows IVAN is his name or is he just comingContinue reading “Do Animals Know Their Names?”


IF you are new to our blog, welcome! My BFF and I have really enjoyed blogging about everything, nothing and something – whatever pops into our minds. Sometimes we play off of one another and sometimes we take our separate writing journeys. If you are a subscriber then you know I love to make paperContinue reading “Watercolor”

We ALMOST Got Another Cat

Yes, you read that right. We’ve been a one cat family for a long time but each of us had a dream about an orange cat or kitten. That made us enjoy telling each other the stories and laughing. Slowly we all started to wonder if it meant we wanted another cat. So we consideredContinue reading “We ALMOST Got Another Cat”

Decorating The Xmas Tree

Oh the weather outside is. . .weird. Cold one minute, hot the next – who does not believe in climate change? LOL It’s December and the one steadfast rule in our house is nothing Christmas comes out until Dec. 1. The kids are no longer in year round school so that means the first weekendContinue reading “Decorating The Xmas Tree”

Card Crafting Frenzy!

I am not sure why, but I’ve had a writer’s block so I’ve not worked on my book for a couple of weeks. So, I have been putting my energy into making cards. As promised I plan to try to sell some on Ebay but while I was in the making mood, I’m making someContinue reading “Card Crafting Frenzy!”

We’re the type of family that always played games.

All those great board games – Clue, Monopoly, Trouble, Masterpiece, card games – you name it, we probably played it. So we were hanging around just chatting one evening, and Desna brought out “Jenga” cats. We had so much fun trying to balance those stupid cats!! And then we played Bullshit, and Yahtzee, and maybeContinue reading “We’re the type of family that always played games.”

Is It Abuse If They Have A Mental Illness?

Yes. Trauma can affect how you feel about yourself and how you feel about others. You’ve heard me mention that my mother was abusive. The abuse was mostly emotional, verbal and many times physical. It was never sexual thank goodness. People who suffer sexual abuse are on another level of healing that is very difficult.Continue reading “Is It Abuse If They Have A Mental Illness?”

It’s been a while since I posted cat pictures…

I was cleaning the mirror in the spare bedroom, and Don Juan had to help. And then he got distracted by the adorable kitty in the mirror. I have filled up a box with excess blankets, to donate to our local hospitality house. But Spooky has been enjoying them. I hope they will also beContinue reading “It’s been a while since I posted cat pictures…”