It’s mid July where I live and that means 50% or higher humidity and feels more like 90 degrees summer weather. This morning has me missing Clover Mountain Dairy in Chewelah, Washington. I am especially missing Lilac – the youngest calf in the dairy. When the Thomarosa started their Dairy, they bought their 4 OGContinue reading “Lilac”

Bovine Intervention

My trip to Washington was my first time in the Northwest. I LOVED IT. I was on an organic dairy farm with friends and it was so therapeutic. If you have not already, check out their Youtube channel: Do them a favor and subscribe. They post some interesting videos about their journey from militaryContinue reading “Bovine Intervention”

Do Animals Know Their Names?

Obviously human animals know their names. Sometimes, when mom would call out my name I would pretend that I could not “hear” her but I KNEW she was calling me. When I call for my cat, Ivan, he comes but is he coming because he knows IVAN is his name or is he just comingContinue reading “Do Animals Know Their Names?”