Not what we had planned…

We had made arrangements to visit my friends in Hendersonville, and we were going to visit a pinball museum (where you pay a flat fee and play as much as you want) and then Bobby was going to have a chance to ride his mountain bike up to a waterfall. It was all part ofContinue reading “Not what we had planned…”

Making Money At Home

We all know what pyramid schemes are and we stay away from them because we are not stupid. However, MLM (multi-level marketing) can also be harmful, yet many people are involved with them. The very successful companies have revenues in the BILLIONS but what they don’t tell you is that only the top tier reallyContinue reading “Making Money At Home”

Mother’s Day Cards

Mother’s Day is next month so I made a lot of cards for family and friends. I usually do not send Mother’s Day cards to this many people but the last two years has been tough and I felt that moms needed an extra “shout out” so I made a list of my favorite momsContinue reading “Mother’s Day Cards”