My Kitchen Is Too Small

We all make the best decisions we can with the information we are given and trying to think ahead is never easy. When we downsized and moved into a ranch style home in a nice neighborhood so our kids would have access to a great school and have friends to play with, I did notContinue reading “My Kitchen Is Too Small”

Honest Review of Minari From A Korean Immigrant

Have you watched Minari yet? Friday evening, I went to my sister’s house and fixed Ttokbukki, drank White Claw and watching Minari on Amazon Prime. We decided it was worth $20.00 to not be in a COVID filled theater with less than stellar food. I’m so glad we did. Minari is not for everyone soContinue reading “Honest Review of Minari From A Korean Immigrant”

My Steamer Juicer

Probably 25 years ago, my mother mentioned to her boss that she liked raspberries. Her boss brought her 6 sticks, and told her to stick them in the ground, which she did. The raspberries grew like nuts, and spread along the back of our house, and then the side, and tried to creep around toContinue reading “My Steamer Juicer”

I love trying something different

To justify the fact that I am working part time, even though someone just offered me temporary additional part time work, I am trying to do at least one productive thing each afternoon. Today it was more jelly. But I couldn’t decide between raspberry or apple or grape – all of which are taking upContinue reading “I love trying something different”

a quickie post of food pics…

Sunday I cooked a lot. I took a few pictures, so y’all get to see them, whether you want to or not. I made strawberry jam, strawberry lemonade concentrate, and a strawberry pie. I made baked beans, slaw, and chopped pork “bbq”. We ate too much, and it was lovely. The strawberry jam and strawberryContinue reading “a quickie post of food pics…”

Have you ever had one of those days

when a friend gives you a flat of strawberries? (Thanks, Dana!) So you immediately decide you need chocolate covered strawberries, to sustain you whilst you clean them? And then you need to measure how much you have left, to decide what to do with them. Mom says pie, and since Sunday is pi day, thatContinue reading “Have you ever had one of those days”