My mom has this really old cookbook

How to make Croquettes It is a wartime cookbook – we’re talking WW2 here. Since mom was born in 1935, it was obviously her mother’s cookbook. It’s a delightful look into how different food/recipes/cooking were back then. Unfortunately, it’s falling apart. Every year, after Thanksgiving and Christmas, mom would pull out this book for oneContinue reading “My mom has this really old cookbook”

Easy Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Happy Tuesday everyone! I am so tired of cooking. Thanks to the COVID pandemic I am cooking more than I have ever cooked. It’s better for our health and I’ve lost weight because of it but I am running out of ideas. In desperation, I started flipping through some of my paper recipes and cameContinue reading “Easy Chicken Lettuce Wraps”

The Status of my Meat Drawer

TL:DR – it’s worse. Mom agreed this year to do a rib roast for Christmas which surprised and excited me very much. She’s a traditional ham person. So I bought a lovely rib roast, and packed it up in a bag ready for sous vide. And 3 days before Christmas, she started moaning about notContinue reading “The Status of my Meat Drawer”