Do you like breakfast sausage?

Which is better – Neese’s or Jimmy Dean? The correct answer is neither, of course. My Girl Scout co-leader has a son who raises pigs, and once a year they butcher one. They grind up all the meat, season it, and sell the sausage. It is excellent. I never thought that I liked breakfast sausage.Continue reading “Do you like breakfast sausage?”

Spring is for gardens

I love springtime. Everything is coming to life, the trees are full of soft green buds, birds are chirping, the weather is slowly getting warmer -Spring truly is the best time of year. And it also means it’s time to plant my garden. Yay! I love sticking little baby plants or seeds in the ground,Continue reading “Spring is for gardens”

My Steamer Juicer

Probably 25 years ago, my mother mentioned to her boss that she liked raspberries. Her boss brought her 6 sticks, and told her to stick them in the ground, which she did. The raspberries grew like nuts, and spread along the back of our house, and then the side, and tried to creep around toContinue reading “My Steamer Juicer”

I love trying something different

To justify the fact that I am working part time, even though someone just offered me temporary additional part time work, I am trying to do at least one productive thing each afternoon. Today it was more jelly. But I couldn’t decide between raspberry or apple or grape – all of which are taking upContinue reading “I love trying something different”

a quickie post of food pics…

Sunday I cooked a lot. I took a few pictures, so y’all get to see them, whether you want to or not. I made strawberry jam, strawberry lemonade concentrate, and a strawberry pie. I made baked beans, slaw, and chopped pork “bbq”. We ate too much, and it was lovely. The strawberry jam and strawberryContinue reading “a quickie post of food pics…”

Have you ever had one of those days

when a friend gives you a flat of strawberries? (Thanks, Dana!) So you immediately decide you need chocolate covered strawberries, to sustain you whilst you clean them? And then you need to measure how much you have left, to decide what to do with them. Mom says pie, and since Sunday is pi day, thatContinue reading “Have you ever had one of those days”

The Status of my Meat Drawer

TL:DR – it’s worse. Mom agreed this year to do a rib roast for Christmas which surprised and excited me very much. She’s a traditional ham person. So I bought a lovely rib roast, and packed it up in a bag ready for sous vide. And 3 days before Christmas, she started moaning about notContinue reading “The Status of my Meat Drawer”

What I did with those tomatoes

The simplest thing possible – I canned them as crushed tomatoes. And now I don’t have to buy canned tomatoes or tomato sauce over the winter. My canned tomatoes are sweeter, and taste fresher, than anything you can buy. They are a little bit more watery than store bought, but since there is an extraContinue reading “What I did with those tomatoes”

I love to save money, and time

This week, Harris Teeter is having a buy 1 get 1 free meat sale, which really means half price. I bought a pork tenderloin, a chuck roast, and last week I snagged hamburger for 2.99 a pound. So today, I took an hour and broke down the packages, seasoned the meat, bagged it in theContinue reading “I love to save money, and time”