FIRST stands for For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology. It is a robotics community for young people partnering with volunteers, parents, educators and sponsors. It is a non profit organization that was founded by an inventor (Dean Kamen) in 1989. In my opinion, it is a FANTASTIC way to promote STEM and helpContinue reading “FIRST ROBOTICS”

The Butterfly Highway

Because of the COVID pandemic, I have walked more than I normally do. It was was for my physical health but it benefitted my mental health far more. The winter weather cut down on the amount of time I was outside for a couple of months but luckily the weather is pretty mild here inContinue reading “The Butterfly Highway”

For My GS Troop, Cookie Season is Over!!

In the Girl Scout World, cookies aren’t just a fundraiser, or something that you do one or 2 weekends. Cookies are a season, and they really last 3-4 months, just like a real season. In our council, leaders get their training in November. Then in December they pass the training on to the girls andContinue reading “For My GS Troop, Cookie Season is Over!!”

Okay, Bridgette opened a GS can of worms

I love Girl Scouts. I have been a GS leader for 20 years. I am a lifetime member, and have been recognized several times for my service to our GS community. I’m not bragging, I’m stating facts. I am a good GS leader. I really try to live by the Promise and the Law, andContinue reading “Okay, Bridgette opened a GS can of worms”