My Love/Hate Relationship With The Beach

You know how you can love someone but also hate parts of him/her/them? My relationship with the beach is the same. My sister and I just scheduled a trip to Carolina Beach for just us girls. She likes going in the summer and I hate the beach in the summer in NC which seems counterintuitiveContinue reading “My Love/Hate Relationship With The Beach”

Memorial Day Is Not a Celebration

It’s Memorial Day weekend! Whoo hoo! Barbecues, an extra day off on the weekend, furniture sales. . .wait, what is Memorial Day? A lot of people are apparently confused about this federal holiday which was previously known as Decoration Day. It is a day of mourning and honoring the military personnel who have died inContinue reading “Memorial Day Is Not a Celebration”

Best Little Beach Restaurant EVAH!

There is a little restaurant we visit EVERY time we get a chance which is usually no more than once a year. The name is simply THE GRILLED CHEESE AND CRAB CAKE. Yup, nothing fancy – just a cozy tiny place off the beaten path that consistently has personable and sweet staff and I canContinue reading “Best Little Beach Restaurant EVAH!”

Mother’s Day Cards

Mother’s Day is next month so I made a lot of cards for family and friends. I usually do not send Mother’s Day cards to this many people but the last two years has been tough and I felt that moms needed an extra “shout out” so I made a list of my favorite momsContinue reading “Mother’s Day Cards”

Happy Easter!

There is something I have always not been forthcoming with. I’m generally a TOO HONEST person and I shoot straight from the hip. I try to be very open with all of my friends as trust is very important. However, the one thing I have constantly danced around is religion. In my tight circle ofContinue reading “Happy Easter!”

Please Excuse My Resting BEACH Face

They say pictures are worth a thousand words. So, I’ll share just a few words and then show you photos from my retreat. After 11 months of COVID quarantining this introvert finally needed to see a different set of walls. I packed up my two daughters and we headed to Kure Beach, NC. I rentedContinue reading “Please Excuse My Resting BEACH Face”

The Status of my Meat Drawer

TL:DR – it’s worse. Mom agreed this year to do a rib roast for Christmas which surprised and excited me very much. She’s a traditional ham person. So I bought a lovely rib roast, and packed it up in a bag ready for sous vide. And 3 days before Christmas, she started moaning about notContinue reading “The Status of my Meat Drawer”