Alone Time Is So Near!

Now that many restrictions are being lifted people are so excited about many things: returning to theaters, eating inside of restaurants WITH FRIENDS, shopping without masks, hugging the grandparents, traveling etc. I’m not excited about any of that. Do you know what I am most looking forward to? Alone time. Yup, this introvert is lookingContinue reading “Alone Time Is So Near!”

Driving Anxiety

I have for the most of my life been able to handle just about anything that was handed to me. My mother was abusive but I learned how to survive and even have some happy memories even though I had to tap-dance around her craziness. I was molested and date raped but with therapy andContinue reading “Driving Anxiety”

My Daughter’s DOZENth Birthday!

Yup – today my youngest turns TWELVE. How is it that time flies so fast when you have kiddos? Instead of a birthday cake, she asked for Dunkin’ Donuts so I got her a dozen and decorated the box like this: It occurred to me that it was quite coincidental that she wanted a DOZENContinue reading “My Daughter’s DOZENth Birthday!”

Funny ADHD Moments

My husband AND one of my daughters has ADHD. It makes for interesting days in our household. I love both of them very much and admire their amazing brains. It can be infuriating, frustrating and heartbreaking to watch them struggle. Most of the time though, you might as well laugh. . . When I sendContinue reading “Funny ADHD Moments”

My Daughter Is Friar Tuck

OMG I finally have a genuine funny story to tell on my blog! Hooray! I’m glad I have not been naming my daughters or showing photos of their faces because I can now tell you a story about one of them and not worry about ruining her life. Yes, I know some of you knowContinue reading “My Daughter Is Friar Tuck”

Feelings, Nothing More Than Feelings. . .

Who remembers that song? Who didn’t join in the Whoa Whoa Whoa chorus part? Oh my god I hate feelings – my emotions not the song. Everyone has them and everyone has to deal with them but when you are drowning in them they suck. Remember when you were a teen and that angst youContinue reading “Feelings, Nothing More Than Feelings. . .”

Why Are Fridays So Fun?

Everybody seems to agree that Fridays are special. Some think it is the best day of the week. You wake up and it all just seems DIFFERENT on a Friday, somehow. Everyone is a bit more chipper, you are already planning the weekend and nothing seems quite as bad on a Friday. Why is that?Continue reading “Why Are Fridays So Fun?”