I Am Too Old For This Shit

Do you remember that movie from 1987 “Lethal Weapon”? The one line I quote over and over is “I’m too old for this shit”. I know 53 is not THAT old but there are certainly things I no longer enjoy doing because it is just difficult to do anymore for various reasons. Since both kidsContinue reading “I Am Too Old For This Shit”

Punishing Children

I definitely spare the rod with my children. As a child of an abusive Mother who regularly used physical punishment for every infraction, I was determined to end that cycle. Other than a playful slap on the booty on their way up the stairs or a stern smack on the hand or arm if theyContinue reading “Punishing Children”

Cautious But Not Afraid

So the AsianHate out there is real and it is very ugly. I live in a smaller town so other than people jumping on the bandwagon, I have not seen any horrific incidences. I have been asked by family and friends if I am am afraid or worried. My answer is always that I amContinue reading “Cautious But Not Afraid”


Why do people procrastinate? I think people¬†procrastinate¬†because they’re afraid of failing at the tasks that they need to complete. They may have a bigger fear of failure, which makes them more likely to¬†procrastinate. I rarely procrastinate because MY FEAR OF FAILURE is so big I make sure I get everyone done in time. Of courseContinue reading “Procrastination!”

My Nerdlette and My Geekling

Parenthood – it is full of love, joy, sticky kisses and heart stopping fear. I have been very lucky to give birth to two intelligent, kind women. Yes, they are women now. They are 11 and 15 but they are physically women which comes with some fun times. LOL In their brain of course theyContinue reading “My Nerdlette and My Geekling”

The Butterfly Highway

Because of the COVID pandemic, I have walked more than I normally do. It was was for my physical health but it benefitted my mental health far more. The winter weather cut down on the amount of time I was outside for a couple of months but luckily the weather is pretty mild here inContinue reading “The Butterfly Highway”

Thar She Blows!

We had quite the forecast the past few days about a potentially dangerous storm heading in our vicinity. Our family prepared by putting away things in the yard that could blow around and damage the house. I did not rush out for bread, milk and eggs like so many do, but I made sure ourContinue reading “Thar She Blows!”

School Yearbooks

Do you ever look at any of your school yearbooks? I recently just got rid of all mine. They were taking up a lot of room and I had dragged them around from move to move for too many years. I finally decided to purge at the end of 2020. My elementary yearbooks were longContinue reading “School Yearbooks”