The Furry Therapist

A lot of people will call themselves Dog People or Cat People. I like most animals except rodents. Rodents can die and go to hell – they are nasty! Sorry, Rodent People. I like snakes because they EAT rodents, so there. Anyhoo, I guess I am mostly a cat person. I like other people’s dogsContinue reading “The Furry Therapist”

Phone Scammers Are Vile

Dishonest people have a special place in my heart – the black, resentful part. I think scammers are the most despicable of all dishonest people. They deserve a special place in hell for taking advantage of vulnerable people like the elderly. A few years ago, my sweet father was scammed $500 by a man whoContinue reading “Phone Scammers Are Vile”

Asian Love/Hate

This blog is really becoming eclectic, isn’t it? I really do try to stay on the topic of laughter in the face of diversity and seeing the funny irony of life. Sometimes though, real life is so in your face, you can not help but talk about it. Since my Bipolar blogs have gotten aContinue reading “Asian Love/Hate”

School Yearbooks

Do you ever look at any of your school yearbooks? I recently just got rid of all mine. They were taking up a lot of room and I had dragged them around from move to move for too many years. I finally decided to purge at the end of 2020. My elementary yearbooks were longContinue reading “School Yearbooks”

Spring time is SO close!

It’s 66 degrees today. The birds are chirping, and the daffodils have started to come up. Spring is so close – but it’s March, and I know we will still have some cold weather to suffer through. Spring is my favorite season. Everything is coming alive, with baby flowers and baby tree leaves, and blossomsContinue reading “Spring time is SO close!”