Coming To Terms With Grief

Our family decided to spend Thanksgiving at the beach this year. It was mostly my idea. I needed a symbolic one last goodbye sort of thing for my father. I’m not saying I’m forgetting him – NEVER – but I have come to terms with my grief and I feel healthy and in control ofContinue reading “Coming To Terms With Grief”

I Don’t Like Thanksgiving

If you have been reading this blog often you probably wonder if there is any holiday I like. In truth, there are very few. One of the ones I don’t care for anymore is Thanksgiving. When I first came to the US I loved the idea that families came together to share a meal. ThatContinue reading “I Don’t Like Thanksgiving”

I Played With Alcohol Inks

I love paper craft and enjoy making cards. My favorite Youtube card maker, Natasha Foote played with some alcohol inks one day and I thought I might want to give it a try. So I put the inks on my birthday list and gave it a go. As Natasha says I went for gold. IContinue reading “I Played With Alcohol Inks”


When I moved to the US and learned English, I read everything I could get my hands on. One day at the public library I found the section with the Arthurian legend. I was HOOKED. Here was a group of people who were bonded by loyalty and a common belief. I pored over these legendsContinue reading “Arthur”

I’m No Lady

I’ve never been a girly girl. I’ve never been a beauty queen. I’ve never liked polka dots. I never liked wearing panty hose. People used to tell me to be more lady like but I’m no lady. To be a lady you must be quiet, mannerly, elegant and mature and I’m none of that. WhenContinue reading “I’m No Lady”

Grieving A Bad Parent

Grief is always hard no matter who dies. Grieving someone you love is difficult but what if it’s someone that was not very lovable? If your parent dies and he/she was awful, the grief is very different. When my mother died in 2014 I was at first shocked because it happened suddenly. She had aContinue reading “Grieving A Bad Parent”

What Is Your Calling?

Many of us are asked what we want to be when we grow up when we are wee little people. Believe it or not, I never was. Maybe it is a cultural difference? Maybe it was that my mom didn’t care? I don’t know why I was not asked but I never really thought aboutContinue reading “What Is Your Calling?”

When Do We Figure Out Our Worth?

As women we are often made to feel like second class citizens. We are sometimes objects for lust or mothers to everyone. I do not know many women who grew up feeling empowered or comfortable in their skin. I am learning though, that later in life some of these women are finally figuring out whoContinue reading “When Do We Figure Out Our Worth?”

I Hope You Dance

Twenty years ago, at my wedding, a dear soul sang me down the “aisle” at a park. She has a beautiful voice and was kind enough to gift me with her singing talent as my wedding present. The song I chose was “I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womack and Sons of the Desert.Continue reading “I Hope You Dance”

Happy Anniversary To Us!

Has it really been a whole year since we began this blog? When JoAnne reached out to me and said, let’s do this I was not really sure what to expect. But here we are and what a positive influence it has been to both of us! For me, it whet my writing skills andContinue reading “Happy Anniversary To Us!”