A Visit for Bridgette’s Birthday

Bridgette asked us to come for a visit, to get together for her birthday. Sounded like a great idea to us! I don’t know what was going on in the Apex/Cary/Raleigh area, but all our regular hotels were already full. So we ended up in Cary, in a cute little suite at a Springhill. ItContinue reading “A Visit for Bridgette’s Birthday”

First OVERNIGHT School Trip

OMG it has been almost two years since my 15 year old has been on any sort of school trip. I have enjoyed not having to get up at some insane hour to put her on a cramped bus so she can have a hurried and usually poorly planned field trip. I do not missContinue reading “First OVERNIGHT School Trip”

Girls’ Getaway To The Beach!

I love my younger sister SO MUCH. She is one of my favorite people. She is an amazing person and I love being around her. She has a demanding career and the pandemic has been very taxing on her. Even though my least favorite time to go to the beach is in July – I’mContinue reading “Girls’ Getaway To The Beach!”

Couple’s Getaway!

I am still not ready to travel out of state but I have been taking cautious jaunts here and there in my home state where I feel “safe” from COVID and angry people. That really does not leave many places in North Carolina but we have been making do. This past weekend my husband andContinue reading “Couple’s Getaway!”

The Monuments and Memorials!

Last day in DC – time to go check out some of the monuments and memorials. We started with the Washington Monument, which of course is closed so we couldn’t go inside. But it’s still an interesting structure to check out. We wandered from there to the WW2 memorial, and then continued along the pathway.Continue reading “The Monuments and Memorials!”

Trip To South Korea Delayed

So much has changed during the pandemic and travel is a big one. It made sense to delay traveling because who wants to get sick or get stuck overseas during a pandemic? No one. So most people have been patient. Traveling has just started domestically for some of my acquaintances and friends and it hasContinue reading “Trip To South Korea Delayed”