I Am A Cliche

. . .and I think I liked it. You’ve seen it in RomComs and other movies – the writer in a coffee shop getting inspired and working feverishly while sipping coffee they paid too much for. Well, that was ME yesterday! There were even trains passing by that I could see and hear through theContinue reading “I Am A Cliche”

I usually plan like crazy before we travel.

But until yesterday, I had a hard time convincing myself that we were actually going to get to go on this trip. So I planned the bare minimum, flights and hotel. A week or so ago I checked to make sure we could come without quarantine or negative test, since we are vaccinated. And IContinue reading “I usually plan like crazy before we travel.”

My Love/Hate Relationship With The Beach

You know how you can love someone but also hate parts of him/her/them? My relationship with the beach is the same. My sister and I just scheduled a trip to Carolina Beach for just us girls. She likes going in the summer and I hate the beach in the summer in NC which seems counterintuitiveContinue reading “My Love/Hate Relationship With The Beach”