Inserting People Into Your Memory

I already wrote a post about how my BP2/ADHD husband will have memories that NEVER occurred, but there is another phenomenon that happens with people after they have known each other for quite awhile. We tend to insert our favorite people into our memories even though they were not in our lives “back then”. Strange,Continue reading “Inserting People Into Your Memory”


Can I just confess how much I LOVE this entertainer? If you have never experienced his hilarious antics and his parody songs get on YOUTUBE right now and get acquainted because you will NOT be sorry. He popped into my brain because I needed a funny gif to express my frustration and I thought ofContinue reading “WEIRD AL YANKOVIC”

The Furry Therapist

A lot of people will call themselves Dog People or Cat People. I like most animals except rodents. Rodents can die and go to hell – they are nasty! Sorry, Rodent People. I like snakes because they EAT rodents, so there. Anyhoo, I guess I am mostly a cat person. I like other people’s dogsContinue reading “The Furry Therapist”

Asian Love/Hate

This blog is really becoming eclectic, isn’t it? I really do try to stay on the topic of laughter in the face of diversity and seeing the funny irony of life. Sometimes though, real life is so in your face, you can not help but talk about it. Since my Bipolar blogs have gotten aContinue reading “Asian Love/Hate”

The Butterfly Highway

Because of the COVID pandemic, I have walked more than I normally do. It was was for my physical health but it benefitted my mental health far more. The winter weather cut down on the amount of time I was outside for a couple of months but luckily the weather is pretty mild here inContinue reading “The Butterfly Highway”

Thar She Blows!

We had quite the forecast the past few days about a potentially dangerous storm heading in our vicinity. Our family prepared by putting away things in the yard that could blow around and damage the house. I did not rush out for bread, milk and eggs like so many do, but I made sure ourContinue reading “Thar She Blows!”