Mary Mary Quite Contrary

How does your garden grow? I thought I would share some garden pictures, since it’s been a couple of months. I always plant a couple of cherry tomatoes on the porch for Mom. She loves to pick them and eat them as fast as she can. I think it’s interesting that 2 of the plantsContinue reading “Mary Mary Quite Contrary”

Spring is for gardens

I love springtime. Everything is coming to life, the trees are full of soft green buds, birds are chirping, the weather is slowly getting warmer -Spring truly is the best time of year. And it also means it’s time to plant my garden. Yay! I love sticking little baby plants or seeds in the ground,Continue reading “Spring is for gardens”

Spring time is SO close!

It’s 66 degrees today. The birds are chirping, and the daffodils have started to come up. Spring is so close – but it’s March, and I know we will still have some cold weather to suffer through. Spring is my favorite season. Everything is coming alive, with baby flowers and baby tree leaves, and blossomsContinue reading “Spring time is SO close!”